Monday, September 6, 2010

It's been a while...

Oh my it has been a few weeks!

We have been keeping as busy as possible over here at i love cake. But, not busy enough to appreciate the beautiful weather here in Central Ohio. Although it has been pretty hot over the last few months (like, Texas hot), and over the last week it has cooled down so much, we could turn off the A/C. I think I see the leaves starting to change (*wishful thinking*). Fall is most assuredly on its way! I wanted to finally post the pictures of the cupcakes I made for Jake's birthday...I was told the birthday boy scarfed these down leaving nothing in his wake...could not have asked for a better compliment!

2 dzn cupcakes were made. Half were vanilla and the other half were lemon. All were covered with Swiss Meriunge Buttercream.

Thanks again Mandy and fam. 


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